Dental Bridges in Parkville, Maryland

Effective Teeth Replacement In Parkville, MD

Dental Bridges in Parkville, MD - Gregory Puccio DMD

You have likely heard of a dental bridge. Traditional dental bridges are a time-tested method of tooth replacement and are a wise and economical option for patients with missing teeth.

The use of bridges in restorative dentistry dates back many years, and their continued popularity attests to their success. Today, fixed bridge technology has advanced significantly, providing patients with even better tooth structure, connection to anchor teeth, and overall results.

A bridge contains artificial teeth secured by your existing neighboring teeth. Unlike dentures, bridges are not removable, and you care for your permanent bridge as much as you do for your natural teeth.

Today’s bridges look quite natural and are a great answer to aesthetic and functional needs. Simply call us now at  (410) 882-9620  for questions or an appointment covering our treatment options.

Why Choose Dental Bridges for Tooth Replacement?

Dental bridges have a longstanding reputation as a reliable and effective solution for replacing missing teeth.

A dental bridge is composed of artificial teeth designed to fill the gaps left by missing natural teeth. This not only restores your smile’s appearance but also enhances your ability to chew and speak comfortably. Bridges are secured in place by anchoring them to adjacent healthy teeth, ensuring stability and durability.

The advances in dental bridge materials and design have led to more natural-looking and durable solutions. With modern bridges, you can expect an aesthetically pleasing and functional outcome that blends seamlessly with your existing teeth.

If you’re considering tooth replacement options, dental bridges offer a time-tested and dependable choice. Contact us at (410) 882-9620 to learn more or schedule an appointment and take the first step toward excellent oral health and dental care.

Dental Bridges: What Should I Expect?

The journey commences with a thorough initial consultation, dental exam, and a customized treatment plan will be created. This plan outlines the steps involved and the type of dental bridge that will be used, tailored to your specific needs.

During the next appointment, the supporting teeth (abutment teeth) will be prepared to anchor the bridge. This may involve reshaping the teeth to ensure a secure fit for the bridge.

Impressions of your teeth will be taken to create a custom dental bridge that fits perfectly in your mouth.

While your custom bridge is being fabricated, a temporary bridge may be placed to protect the exposed teeth.

Once your custom bridge is ready, you will return for its final fitting. The dentist will ensure that the bridge fits properly and comfortably.

After the successful fitting, your dental bridge will be secured in place, restoring your smile and chewing ability.

The dentist will provide guidance on caring for your new bridge and may schedule follow-up appointments to ensure oral hygiene and its long-term success.

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